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styles for short hair

Whether you’re a bridesmaid, guest, or the star of the show, you’ll need to kick your hair up a notch for wedding season. But just because your locks aren’t past shoulder-length, doesn’t mean you can’t still sport an intricate style. We collaborated with PETA to bring you these simple, stylish looks that can be created using cruelty-free Aveda products:

Look One: Headband Braid


1. Separate a section of hair approximately two inches back from your hair line.

2. Apply a small amount of Phomollient™ Styling Foam to this section.

3. French braid the section: Begin at one ear and create a simple three-strand braid. Add hair from both sides of the section as you move to the other ear.

4. Secure the hair in an elastic once you have finished braiding, then tuck the ends of the braid under and use a bobby pin to keep them in place.

5. Fluff up the rest of your hair to obscure the tucked-under portion.

6. Finish with a mist of Air Control™ Light Hold Hair Spray for some hold.


Look Two: Half Twist



1. Apply Phomollient™ Styling Foam to your hair after shampooing and conditioning. Blow dry hair, leaving some wave at the bottom.

2. Once dry, use the Aveda Paddle Brush to section the hair from the outer corner of one eye, back to the crown, and to the outer corner of the other eye. Back comb the section at the crown for lift.

3. Brush hair gently back off the face with a paddle brush (making sure not to undo your backcombing). Secure in an elastic at the crown.

4. Gather and twist a small section of hair just below the pulled-back portion. Secure under elastic with pins. Repeat on other side.

5. Spray on Air Control™ Light Hold Hair Spray for some hold.


Look Three: Braided Updo



1. Apply Phomollient™ Styling Foam after shampooing and conditioning. Blow the hair dry, leaving some natural texture to the hair.

2. Section off the top portion of your hair, from hairline to crown and hold it in a clip or elastic for now.

3. With the remaining hair, create a French braid on one side. Don’t braid too tightly, and keep the braid low. Once you reach the back of the head, finish off the section with a three-strand braid and secure it in an elastic.

4. Repeat on the opposite side.

5. Gather any loose ends hanging at your nape into a bun.

6. Undo the top portion of hair and incorporate it, and the braided ends, into the bun with bobby pins. 

7. Spray on Air Control™ Light Hold Hair Spray for some hold.


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